2020 BMW i8 Redesign Interior, Engine, Price, Release Date

2020 i8 Concept
2020 i8 Concept

2020 BMW i8 Redesign Interior, Engine, Price, Release Date – The combination of thrilling performance and all-electric motoring with exquisite fuel economy rating makes the 2020 BMW i8 remain a strong choice in the segment. This sports car has redefined what a car of this class capable of offering and doing, providing a great insight of how a futuristic and exotic sports car will do in the future. And for the 2020 model year, it is reportedly that this vehicle will also be released in roadster body type aside from its current model.

2020 BMW i8 Interior

Getting into the 2020 BMW i8 will require you to do some practices first, which is expected from an exotic sports car. Its scissor lift door can be lifted up and out of the way as you enter the vehicle, revealing a wide door sill to step over. Once you get into the car, you will be impressed by the abundance of headroom, featuring the power-operated seats that complement the design. The seats offer great comfort even when you’ll be spending a long day driving the car.

The choice of high-quality leather tanned naturally defines the look of the stylish interior design flair. There are recycled materials used inside the 2020 BMW i8 too, which brilliantly create the perfect upscale look expected from an exotic sports car that will cost you no less than six figures. Aside from that, the various center console controls and instrument displays are designed and configured for the actively engaged driver—one characteristic the company is known for. Even so, the rear seats are too cramped, regardless of the height of the passenger. Much like as in its competitor, the Porsche 911, the rear seats are most suited as an adjunct to the small trunk.

2020 BMW i8 Engine

Powering the 2020 BMW i8 is a combination of a turbocharged 1.5L 3-cylinder engine and an electric motor featuring a 7.1-kWH li-ion battery pack. The gas engine is equipped with a 6-speed automatic to deliver power to the rear wheels, while the electric motor transfers the power to the front wheels via an integrated 2-speed automatic. The two sources of power produce a total output of 357 horsepower and 420 lb.-ft. of torque in the all-wheel drive setting.

The battery pack can be recharged fully at home in about 3.5 hours through the standard 120-volt garage outlet, or about 1.5 hours through the 240-volt charger. And considering the nature of this sports car, the fuel economy rating is impressive: 15 miles with electric motor only and 28 mpg combined with gas engine too. The estimated total driving range of 2020 BMW i8is at 330 miles, and with both electric and gas operation, the EPA estimated fuel economy is 76 MPGE.

2020 BMW i8 Price

There’s still no official information about how much the 2020 i8 will cost you, but we all know that it is a six-figure car. Referring to the 2019 BMW i8, the MSRP starts from around $140,000, so expect to spend the same amount of money to bring the BMW i8 home.

With plenty of features to offer, 2020 BMW i8 is predicted to be a strong competitor among other cars in its class. With the high performance and new technology embedded, this car is one among sports cars to consider by car enthusiasts.