2020 Ford Focus Price, Specs, Redesign, Release Date

2020 Focus Concept
2020 Focus Concept

2020 Ford Focus Price, Specs, Redesign, Release Date – Ford plans to release some new cars in the next year including the series of Ford Focus. 2020 Ford Focus will be included in the list of new car of the year from Ford that will get some redesigned since the company currently works on it. Even though the company has not said anything about the car but the future but there are some rumors that already spread talking about the features and interesting update in the car. The rumors said the size of the new Ford Focus tend to be wider and longer than its predecessors.

Since the company promises to give wider size in the new Ford Focus 2020 it means the interior will be roomier and there will be more spaces for the luggage. This thing will improve Ford Focus becomes better not only in appearance but also in the performance. Ford also use lighter materials for the body which make the car can be driven faster.

2020 Ford Focus Interior

The unique and unusual interior in the previous design of new Ford Focus 2020 will be gone because the company concerns in making improvement for the interior using better and higher quality materials. The new Ford Focus will make a better car than before with stylish and elegant interior look. The latest interior design in the future Ford Focus will be more aggressive in look. It makes the appearance of this car becomes sporty and better. The bigger size also significantly makes the car look much more impressive.

2020 Ford Focus Engine

Just like other modern car manufacture, in this series Ford Focus will be equipped with better engine. Better engine means better fuel efficiency that can make the car can run faster on the road. The base model of new Ford Focus 2020 will be featured with 1 liter EcoBoost inline 3 engines. These engines can produce output approximately 100 up to 140 horsepower. For the upscale model the car will be equipped with 1.5 liter 1.5 liter EcoBoost inline 4. This engine can produce 180 horsepower and 200 lb-ft of torque. These engines will be featured with six speed manual transmission with automatic transmission as another option.

2020 Ford Focus Price

If you wish to have the new Ford Focus 2020 you need to wait until next year because the company schedules to launch this car at the end of the next year or at the beginning of 2020. The price for the future Ford Focus will be started at $15,000 for the base model just like previous model while the upscale design will be priced around $23,000.

The new 2020 Ford Focus will be one of the sedan cars with modern features from Ford. It will be equipped with better interior design that makes the car looks sportier. You can choose this car as your family car but it is only suitable to be used in a highway road. Get better driving experience with sportier car with the new Ford Focus that will come next year.