2020 Nissan Leaf Redesign Interior, Engine, Price, Release Date

2020 Leaf Concept
2020 Leaf Concept

2020 Nissan Leaf Redesign Interior, Engine, Price, Release Date – The market of electric car is growing rapidly in line with people awareness towards the environment. It only needs to wait the right time until electric car take over the majority of the market. There are more and more automotive manufactures which try to make and develop electric car every year, including Nissan with its 2020 Nissan Leaf. The designs of electric cars are getting better and the price can be lower. Nissan is one of the companies which develop electric vehicle under the plate name Nissan Leaf. 2020 version of Nissan Leaf will come this year with better improvements compared with the current model.

2020 Nissan Leaf Interior

The design of future Nissan Leaf is more futuristic than its predecessors. The front fascia in the car is very unique with narrow headlights and sharp edges. The company always has better idea to make the design look different and impressive. Since there is no official announcement from Nissan, some features in this review can be changed including the panoramic roof features. But, it will be nice if Nissan gives that features in this car.

The interior will not be much changed but there are some rumors related to the cabin. Inside the cabin there will be cutting edge technology. It will be equipped with top-notch technology and plenty of modern features. But, we need to wait to get the details of the interior. There is some news that the car will get better safety features but they are the standard features from Nissan just like other car from Nissan.

2020 Nissan Leaf Engine

The current model of Nissan Leaf has two different battery specs. The driver can choose 24 and 30 kWh battery pack. The first battery offers 84 miles range which is quite short. But there is a 30 kWh battery that can reach mile range up to 170 miles. The second battery is a better option even though it is not outstanding. The future Nissan leaf will be the first electric car from Nissan that will join another 200 mile electric car just like Tesla and other cars. Therefore, the battery that will be used in this car is 60kWh lithium-ion battery. Using this battery the car can reach 210 and 220 miles of range.

2020 Nissan Leaf Price

If talking about release date, there are only rumors. But, the rumors believe that the production of this car will start at the end of 2019 which means the car will come in the local dealership at the beginning of 2020. For the price, the company will make the price remains competent so they will not increase the price of the car. The price maybe will be less than $40,000 to compete with the price of Tesla.

2020 Nissan Leaf gets a lot of improvement but is still affordable to buy as a family car. Just like the name “leaf” the car is environment-friendly and is suitable for people who choose green life style. The new Nissan Leaf will be a bestselling highway capable electric vehicle just like its current mode. The design of five door hatchback makes this car suitable to be used daily or as family car that can accommodate all of your family members.