2020 Toyota Tacoma Specs, Interior, Price, Release Date

2020 Tacoma Concept
2020 Tacoma Concept

2020 Toyota Tacoma Specs, Interior, Price, Release Date – Considering that Tacoma has received its major update for the 2016 model year, we expect that there will be little to none for the 2020 Toyota Tacoma, except for the minor updates that will not change the pickup truck significantly. However, it doesn’t mean it is a bad thing, since this means the midsize pickup truck can still tow up to 6,800 pounds with its V6 engine and an impressive off-road capability even for its class. Plus, the interior thus remains easy to use and the cargo management features found in the bed is as useful as before.

2020 Toyota Tacoma Interior

Regardless of the recent upgrade, the previous Tacoma actually remains similar to its predecessors, so we may expect to get the same impression with the upcoming Toyota Tacoma 2020. This means the unusual seating position where the seat bottom is relatively lower to the pedals, along with the pretty snug headroom to accommodate taller adults. Tall drivers may find it awkward to sit behind the steering wheel too, considering the limited reach of the telescope function.

Even so, the good functionality is still the one expected to be found inside the 2020 Tacoma, thanks to its dashboard controls. Plus, it is easy to use the touchscreen. Durability makes the main idea in mind, especially when choosing the materials to use inside the cabin, meaning you cannot expect to feel luxury here. Even so, there are some choices here and there still, which also include dash specific to trim that ranges from rubber to simulated leather.

2020 Toyota Tacoma Engine

According to the 2019 Tacoma, there are 5 trim levels we expect to find for the new Toyota Tacoma too: SR, SR5, TRD Sport, TRD Off-Road, Limited, and TRD Pro. The pickup truck is offered with a 2.7L 4-cylinder (available only for SR and SR5) or 3.5L V6, with either 2WD or 4WD configurations to choose. All 2WD versions of Tacoma are paired with a 6-speed automatic, while the 4WD models are configured with either automatic or manual (5-speed for 4-cylinder engine and 6-speed for V6).

The 2.7L 4-cylinder from the 2019 model year produces total output of 159 horsepower and 180 lb.-ft. of torque, along with the 21 mpg combined of EPA’s estimated fuel economy for the 2WD automatic, 20 for the 4WD, and 20 for the 4WD automatic. Meanwhile, it seems like the performance of the V6-powered Toyota Tacoma 2020 will remain the same, with 278 horsepower and 265 lb.-ft. of torque produced, in addition to EPA fuel economy scores of 21 mpg combined for 2WD V6 Tacoma, 18 for 4WD V6 Tacoma with manual, and 20 for 4WD V6 Tacoma with automatic.

2020 Toyota Tacoma Price

We predict the MSRP will start from around $36,000 just like the one of the 2019 edition. With little to no updates expected to make for the upcoming Toyota Tacoma 2020, this midsize pickup truck may still remain as the go-anywhere one with an efficient V6 engine to benefit you. In general, Tacoma is a truly attractive choice for shoppers who prefer to avoid the inconvenience or bulk of the regular full size pickup truck.

It seems like Toyota is never satisfied by its work since they keep updating their new versions of vehicles—even though it is only some minor changes. Now, it is the turn of Toyota Tacoma to get its brand new version which is the 2020 car model. Though it does not change too much, there are many things and features to boast 2020 Toyota Tacoma.