Kia Sorento 2020 Redesign Interior, Engine, Price, Release Date

2020 Sorento Concept
2020 Sorento Concept

Kia Sorento 2020 Redesign Interior, Engine, Price, Release Date – South Korea has one top manufacturer which is much anticipated in case of automotive market. Through Kia Motors as the car maker, there is new generation of SUV in series of Sorento. Go by the name of Kia Sorento 2020, this is going to be the next choice to put in the wishlist for those who are looking for the best SUV segment. Beside some updates on specification of the car, the good news is about the price too. The price is claimed to be more affordable than the previous model.

Kia Sorento 2020 Interior

The first thing to talk is about the specification including interior and exterior of the Sorento. In the interior, there is redesign on some aspects to be more comfortable and bold in the style. With three row seats, the material that is used will be a high quality one. It is also accompanied with some modern features and advanced technology as a standard in the SUV’s cabin. To evoke a better performance of the car, some features such as floor storage, UVO multimedia entertainment, and safety features are involved absolutely.

Although there is still less information from the company related to what is inside the cabin, the exact things are that new generation of Sorento will be equipped with such kinds of climate control, heated mirrors, heated seats, wireless internet, ambient lighting, hands-free calling, push start/stop button technology, lane change assistance, Bluetooth connectivity, new update of satellite navigation, a crash avoidance system. Those systems besides gaining more joy and comfort, it can help the driver to easily control the car. On the other hand, the exterior will be filled in elegance too. It has wider front grille and headlights for more aerodynamic and keep the stability of the car. Overall, for the specification, it is likely to resemble the previous model.

Kia Sorento 2020 Engine

Move on the engine system, there are several options of engine for this new Sorento. 2.0 liter 4-cylinder engine which can generate 240 horsepower and 260 pounds feet of torque is the first option. Then, it also has 2.4 liter 4-cylinder engine with an output of 185 horsepower and 3.3 liter V6 unit to produce 290 horsepower using Hybrid engine. Furthermore, the company provides 3.6 liter V6 unit with 270 horsepower and an electric motor with 130 horsepower too. In the case, if the units are combined, it will become a Hybrid engine which is capable of producing 400 horsepower. Thus, the variation of the engine can be chosen in accordance with the wishes or needs of the customers.

Kia Sorento 2020 Price

For United States and Asia marketplace, just wait for the presence of next generation of Sorento in 2019 whereas for Australia, Canada, and Europe showrooms, they have to wait a bit longer since the SUV will come to the town around 2020. As one of high class crossover, the price offered reaches $27,000.

Kia Sorento 2020 is a suitable choice for people who are looking for a classy style in a sporty SUV. For the price, it is also cheaper compared to similar SUV from other famous brands. As it is known, for a concept itself, there is a redesign in exterior and interior to make it sportier and more elegance along with maximum comfort in the cabin.